The property of Berezovsky worth ₤ 500 million was discovered

The property of Berezovsky worth ₤ 500 million was discovered

In the UK, a journalistic investigation was conducted, which discovered a portfolio of real estate in France, owned by the infamous tycoon Boris Berezovsky, reports with reference to The Sunday Times. Journalists have also assumed that the fugitive tycoon may be didn't need to committ suicide due to large debts.

The total value of found assets is ₤500 million (€592 million). In addition to luxury real estate the tycoon owned businesses worth millions of pounds. Oligarch owned luxury villas on the Cote d' Azur of France, whose value is not less than ₤200 million. Moreover, Berezovsky owned villa Gal worth ₤50 million and a variety of business assets worth about ₤200 million

Journalists concluded that the cost of the property owned by Berezovsky, is significantly higher than the legal costs of the case of "Aeroflot", "Sibneft" and "Rusal". This casts doubt on the official version of the death of an oligarch, which states that Berezovsky had committed suicide due to inability to pay debts. Despite the fact that Berezovsky rewrote his     
testament for 9 days before his death, the police could not find any evidence to refute the official version of what happened.

Earlier already published a list of real estate owned by the dead tycoon.