In Finland, the students created a house that is constructed in 1 day and costs only €13 000

Another solution to the problem of resettlement of refugees, students and poor persons was born in Finland. Students from the local University Alvaro Aalto developed a project of  three-storey wooden house, which is constructed in only 1 day.

Kokoon design consists of 3 wooden cubes, located one on each other. Inside there is everything necessary for living – kitchen, bedroom (on second floor), bathroom, office work area, closet. The living area is 35 sqm. Large windows on the roofs of the cubes make the room quite cozy and bright.

In the moment those houses are not on sale. But it is expected that the cost of one Kokoon will be only €13 000.

Based on the materials of fontanka.fi

Photocredit fontanka.fi