In Finland rates of real estate taxes may increase

In Finland may increase tax rate on private and municipal property, and undeveloped land. Now the property tax for residential homes varies between 0,37% and 0.8% (in each municipality its own rules). If the government proposal is accepted, then next year it will increase to 0.41% - 0.9%.

The tax levy for undeveloped land is paid in tфинhe amount of 1-4%, and may in the future be increased to 2-6%.

A tax on municipal property and land in Finland at the moment is 0,8 – 1,55% of the taxable base value of the property. In 2017 it may raise to 0.93 – 1.8%.

The proposal of the Finnish government is part of the budget plan of 2017. Increasing tax rates should increase the budget to €50 million.

Based on the materials of tax-news.com

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