63rd World Congress about real estate market

In St. Petersburg, was held the 63rd World Congress FIABSI. 550 experts from around the world: developers, brokers, consultants, investors – came to St.Petersburg to discuss topical issues of real estate market.

According to the speeches at the congress, the fall in the crisis was really sensitive: prices on housing in Latvia fall by 72%, in Lithuania - by 39%, Estonia - by 41.4%. The market recovered slowly.

In Estonia, 17% of the real estate purchased by foreigners, mostly Finns, and not just in cities but also in remote villages. In one of the new projects of old Tallinn (Pagari, 1) 90% of housing is purchased by foreigners. In Vilnius - 27 new projects, only 2% of objects are purchased by foreigners. Also popular resort real estate objects in Palanga, Nida, etc.

Source: http://online.vedomosti.ee/article/2012/7/2/surovie-sosedi