The whole lake is for sale at eBay

The whole lake is for sale at eBay

Such an unusual lot like a real lake Esthwaite Water was put up for sale at the internet auction site eBay for the first time in history. It is the largest private lake in the Lake District UK, reports with reference to The Daily Mail.

The area of the lake is 113 hectares. In addition to the lake, businesses located on the shore are also being sold. This is a shop, a cafe, a variety of tourist attractions. The project cost is ₤300,000 (€354,000).

For the last 32 years the lake was owned by Nigel Woodhouse, who decided to sell the pond after retirement. It is curious that the lake has a cultural value, as it is mentioned in the works of well-known British writer Beatrix Potter and romantic poet William Wordsworth.

The lot also includes Beatrix's working studio and eight-kilometer tourist route to places of life and adventures of Peter Rabbit - the hero of children books written by Beatrix Potter.