Active sales of "Chinese real estate" in London has begun

Nov. 17, 2015

Active sales of  "Chinese real estate" in London has begun

According to the economists, the sale of a large number of low-priced steel on the world market - is not the only asset of which is currently disposed of Chinese investors. One of the main trends of the last time on the UK property market is the increased number of real estate sale proposals by Chinese owners.

In recent years, Chinese have invested in the UK property market millions of pounds. The main area of ​​interest is of course, London, where prices rose by an impressive 6.6% over the past year (the average purchase price was £ 493 026).

Real estate specialists say that the first stage of reverse sale has begun - the Chinese are eager to get its first profit on their investment. And the emphasis is made on new buildings and prices speculation at the final stage of construction, which is contrary to the British business principles.

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