Croatian real estate prices came down in September

Real estate prices in Croatia in September decreased by 3.7% in comparison to the previous year, according to ee24.com citing liderpress.hr.

The average price of apartments in Zagreb is €1,593 per sq.m. (0.8% higher than in August, but 5.5% lower than in September 2012). In general we can conclude that housing prices are still lower than the pre-crisis 2006.

It's noteworthy that since last September prices rose in the two districts of Croatian capital. One of them is Gornja Dubrava, located in the north-east in the hills of Medvednica (it is also a park and a favorite place of citizens). It has a growth of 4.7%. Second district is Sesvete and located in the east end of Zagred. The real estate there has a growth of 0.9%. Despite this fact, Sesvete still remains the cheapest area in the capital with average price of €1,197 per sq.m.

Real estate is becoming cheaper not only in Zagreb, but also in other major cities of Croatia. Compared to previous September, apartment prices in Split had come down in average by 11.2% to €2,138 per sq.m, in Rijeka – by 1.2 % to €1,523 per sq.m. The house on the Adriatic coast will cost €1,543 and the apartment there will cost €1,581 per sq.m. All of these rates are lower than in the last year.