Housing in Sofia on the construction phase is more expensive than apartments in ready houses

For the period from June to September 2016, average cost of objects that were commissioned in Sofia earlier than 2015, amounted to €870 per sqm. Property under construction in the Bulgarian capital is valued higher – at €1019 per sq. m. This information leads investor portals.bg and novinvite.com referring to the study of the construction and investment company BLD.

Now on the market there are two types of buyers. For the first group who buy housing for the first time, two criteria are important – price and quality. They act strictly within their budget, and they come from common parameters, such as the development of infrastructure, availability of schools, location of district, etc.

Customers from the second group (those who want to improve their living conditions) are more meticulous – they draw attention to the environmental situation in the area, even neighbors. This category of buyers has determines the trend of growth of cost per  square meter in buildings under construction.

According to the Executive Director of the BLD, with the beginning of this year in Bulgaria is built more than 13,000 new apartments. They are created on the basis of customers ' requirements. Therefore, the price of housing under construction is higher than average.

One of the most important factors affecting the price of the apartment is a garage. The cost of parking garages in the best new properties varies between €10,000 and €14 000.

Based on the materials of novinite.com

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