The demolition of illegally constructed residential complex in Bullgaria "Zlatna Perla"

After series of court cases in which it was shown that the complex "Zlatna Perla" near the village of Varvara on the coast, illegally built on protected area, began the demolition of buildings forced the complex.

Construction of the complex began in 2006 without any coordination with the management of the protected natural park, on the territory of which the complex is built. Already at the beginning of construction Environment Minister Cevdet Chakyrov issued an order prohibiting the construction of the complex. But trials lasted for almost five years.

In the end, the Supreme Administrative Court put an end to litigation and in 2009 announced a set of "Zlatna Perla" outside the law. In 2010, the Building Control issued an order to demolish all 10 buildings of the complex, but the decision was appealed, and only after the owners of the complex lost the case, the appellate court could initiate Bourgas forced demolition of the complex.

Source: http://www.newsbg.ru/nedvizhimost/104-nedvizhimost/3940-v-bolgarii-nachalsja-snos-nezakonno-postroennogo-zhilogo-kompleksa-zlatna-perla.html