"For two years we are living in paradise!": Pensioner Victor about byying an apartments in Bulgaria

      In the spring of 2014 my wife and I decided to move in Bulgaria. Incidentally, on one of the web-sites, we found a Bulgarian company Glavno.bg, which objects seemed to be intresting. The representative of the company without embellishment, business-like, answered all our questions. We especially liked that when we wanted to talk with the director of the company, its employees have immediately introduced us to him. He was very literate, erudite man and explained to us all the details of our future purchase.

We arranged the timing of our arrival. The director of the company, after a very thorough questioning about our requirements for future housing, said that he will show us three apartments, which, in their professional opinion, are more suited to us in price and quality. We arrived at the airport, and we were met by an employee of the company. Then we were allocated in a small but very cozy hotel. The next day the representative of the company took us to see the first apartment in Bourgas.

We liked very much this 2-bedroom apartment located in the heart of Burgas, near the pedestrian street. But it was a little expensive for us. We were taken to see other apartments. First shown one-bedroom apartment in the "Stalinist" house with high ceilings, and a garage nearby. We also liked it, and the price was almost half the price of the previous one. However, there was to do cosmetic repairs, and my wife and I decided not to get involved. Then the company official said, they have another one-bedroom apartment, very cheap, but it is located 25 km from Bourgas, in the small town of Sredets. Near the town there are a lot of military units, and in the city live  a lot of the officers family. We did not believe our ears when he called the price of 3-room apartments, just seventeen thousand euro! Of course, we immediately went to see the third option.

We have determined that this option is unlikely to be suitable for us, as we wanted to live near the sea, but really wanted to see a good comfortable flat three times cheaper than in Bourgas, and only some 25 km from seas! My wife and I decided that we'll only have a look, but will not buy. And then will look for the proposals in Bourgas by ourselves. But, when we were driven by modern motorway, ans the way from Bourgas to Sredets took only 15 minutes, when we saw the magnificence of this cozy old town, our skepticism has come to an end. The town is immersed in greenery, and is extraordinarily beautiful. We were like in a fairy tale. It turned out that Sredets is located at the beginning of the Strandzha national park. Near the town there is a magnificent pine forest, river and lake. The population of the town and not so small, ten thousand inhabitants. There is an entire infrastructure for a life, even the modern Youth House, built recently by the European Union, and two churches. Our house is located just opposite the church, as well as some supermarkets and hospitals. Of course, we liked this apartment on the second floor, in a good military building.

Later, employees of the company have helped us choose a good and inexpensive furniture, and still they are our advisors on various everyday issues.

To say that we are happy means say nothnything. For two years we are living in paradise! My daughter goes to school close to home, as well as in a circle in the Youth House. We are very satisfied that on Tuesdays and Thursdays, in our city hosts the district farmer's market, and we buy fresh food, fruits and vegetables, at very low prices. In shops and markets of Bourgas everything is two or three times more expensive, and the quality is lower. And in takes only 15-20 minutes on our car on by bus to come to the sea.