Due to rapid growth of investments into real estate in Lithuania, in order to simplify search for the investors and to concentrate offers for the sellers, the ProfitSale team holds out an opportunity of placement of commercial property sale offers in Lithuania in one space at – portal. *Complete package of the property offered for sale and rent in Lithuania in one space; *Provision of detailed information to the investor on the commercial property for sale placed at our portal; *Delivery of necessary documents on the object of interest by e-mail or on a CD via courier service; *Complete information on property acquisition procedures in Lithuania; *Complete information on establishing a company in Lithuania on behalf of which the property shall be acquired; *Accompanying service of the person concerned upon arrival to our country, accommodation, arrangement of survey of the selected property, interpreting, transaction fluency supervision, accompanying service at departure; *Further representing of the investor during the investor’s absence in Lithuania; *Submission of new offers prior to their placement at our portal; *Supervision of the property acquired by the person concerned during the person’s absence in Lithuania; *One hundred percent of confidentiality

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