Real Estate Services

Company «Real Estate Services - Real Estate in Greece» specializes in the production, sale and lease of the Greek real estate in Russia. The company was registered in 2007 in Moscow. Over the years, selected the best properties with the tastes and preferences of customers. 


Advantages of company: 

- individual approach to each client; 

- high level of expertise in Greece: deep knowledge of all its features the property market in Greece, its specificity and legislation; 

- carefully selected portfolio of installations with regard to the interests and tastes exactly the Russian buyer and preliminary verification of documents to the buyer no problems at the stage of purchase; 

- an office in Moscow, officially registered representative office in Russia, Moscow; 

- 7 years in the overseas property market, regular participation in real estate exhibitions in Moscow, awards from renowned publications, 2 years (2010-2012) in the list of "Top 100" on the real estate market; 

- a program of mortgage lending for the purchase of real estate; 

- the possibility of obtaining advice in Russian; 

- post-sales service and advice. 


- accompanying tour assistance in organizing a trip to Greece to view selected properties, support the direct inspection of all selected options and real estate consulting on all issues. 

- mortgage lending customers in the European Bank assistance in obtaining a loan to purchase real estate in Greece for customers. Loans up to 60% of the value of the selected object up to 15 years. The interest rate of 5.5% in the euro. Clearance and settlement in Moscow. No additional travel to Greece. 

- consultations and negotiations related contracting, ensuring the best results of the negotiations for the customers. 

- providing full legal support, notary support of real estate transactions, transfers. 

- advising on the adaptation of the country and after-sales service. 

- rent a property in Greece. 

Scope of activity includes the most popular regions of Greece: 

1. Halkidiki, one of the most visited tourist centers in Greece, known for its picturesque three peninsulas: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos, Holy Mountain, pine forests and long sandy beaches. 

2. Thessaloniki largest center of Northern Greece. This is a great cultural and spiritual center. Here is the University of Aristotle, the State Theatre, the first Greek conservatives. In the suburbs, you can relax on a great beach. Not far from Thessaloniki is the best in Northern Greece equipped marina and sailing regattas are held. Developed here and winter tourism. 

3. a. Thassos and Kavala Kavala - a picturesque old town amphitheater down from the mountains to the sea. Thassos Island - and called "emerald isle" and "green jewel of the Aegean" and many other names. Its mountains are composed of a magnificent white marble, and its surface is mountainous and rocky, but entirely covered with thick forests of pines, spruces, oaks, sycamores, chestnuts. Well, as without olive groves. They all strewn valleys and coast 

4. Crete - Property in Crete - one of the best options for those who seek a comfortable rest who appreciate tradition and regularity of life. Villas, houses, apartments, apartments in Crete today as never popular - many people want to join the unique cultural heritage of Greece and enjoy the stunning nature of Crete. 

5. Greek island (Evia, Ionian and Cyclades) - Greece 2,000 islands and each one can write a fascinating book. Greece has many islands that have not yet become a faceless standard resorts. It attracts and Beach lovers and lovers of fishing and yachting lovers of mountains, hiking and horseback riding. Perhaps you will find among our proposals, their special place that will make your life happy and harmonious! 

Objective Real Estate Services does not just sell you a house, but also to satisfy your expectations of your stay in this beautiful country. And if it failed, the company believes that the task is completed. Real estate in Greece - is not only the company's work, the process of interaction with customers, from which specialists get great pleasure.