CasaMed Italian Estates

CasaMed Italian Estates is international consulting company with an impeccable business reputation. The main area of our business is providing practical advice on the acquisition, management and leasing of real estate in Italy. Cooperating with CasaMed, you enable professionals with extensive experience on international level in the acquisition and management of real estate. Due to our mutual approach you quickly get accurate information about the projects of your interest, as well as a real help in renting or ownership registration of your property. In addition to participation in real estate transactions, the company offers number of related services targeted at those who seek to just visit Italy or remain longer on a Residence permit. In CasaMed we are proud with our own successes and we are constantly developing our services. The company is currently working on establishing new business contacts and market destinations. As a result of our efforts, we are happy to present the new addition to our profile - France. We are offering now exclusive projects on Cote d'Azur and in Paris. Regardless of our future plans, the market situation or other factors, the guiding cooperation with customers and partners will remain unchanged: CasaMed always will be a friendly, reliable and responsible company.

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