CasaMed Italian Estates

CasaMed Italian Estates is international consulting company with an impeccable business reputation. The main specialization of providing practical advice on the acquisition, management and leasing of real estate in Italy. Cooperating with CasaMed, you enable both Russian and Italian professionals with extensive experience in international level in the acquisition and management of real estate. Due to bilateral approach you quickly get accurate information about objects of interest, as well as a real help in renting or registration of ownership rights to any object.

Priority areas for action

1. Rental properties in Italy. Depending on your goals - shopping, learning, leisure or business - we will offer the best and rental options in major Italian cities. If you have your own objects and want to increase their profitability, we can organize a rational management of real estate .

2 . Advising on the sale of real estate, including commercial buildings, support of real estate. Unlike local companies CasaMed primarily protects the interests of its customers, saving them time and money.

3 . Banking and real estate auctions. Thanks to extensive and reliable business relations, CasaMed has actual and inaccessible to the masses of information regarding collateral objects. Representing clients in the auction, we conclude favorable for buyers transaction.

In addition to participation in real estate transactions, the company offers a host of related services targeted at those who seek to visit Italy for rest and closer acquaintance with the country.

The main principles of our work

1. Maximum reliable data

2 . Extensive database objects

3 . Understanding customer needs

4 . Privacy

5 . Availability

Plans and Prospects

CasaMed proud of our own successes and is not going to stop there. The company is currently working hard on the development of additional services for clients are actively engaged in the search for new business contacts. Regardless of the development plans, the market situation and other factors, the policy relationships with customers and partners will remain unchanged: CasaMed always be friendly, reliable and responsible company.

Recently listed properties