Villa in city Alanya
420.00 sq.m., 5 bedrooms

€ 500 000
The mansion that you have seen inthe Picture is in the nicest area in Oba, Alanya. Before mentioning the details are would like to tell the most importent think, this mansion dosent write ( GARDEN İN DEED) like other villas in Oba, the reason is because we have the building licence and inhabiting. Even the aegean army writing is been prepared for such any difficulty to happenwhen selling, because we have a major foreign customer platform. We dont need any company associations that as been a problem with our foreign citizens in there villas. They cant get there title in deeds in one one day,there isnt any illegal sicuation.
There is a expertise report that we made with the bank. They can use 1.500.000 TL (360.000 €) .This mansion has been built in 1004 meter square area is on of the most beautifull mansions in Alanya even in turkey.
Before we mention the details we would like to say that this place instead of a standart villa is based on a wonderfull garden and has wonderfull landscape view, gives a nice life standart and is a special place. The mansion is placed on a hill and is a peerless place. Approximately our mansion having 360 degree view is totaly independent normally the other villas having other buildings around causing a hard situation even going to the pool is a common problem we know, but in this mansion there isnt any component that will make you uncomfortable.
Garden properties:
İn our mansion there is large pool, children pool, pool bar, children park, 3 vehicle car park, water store, working area, car washing sistem in the garden, articifial waterfalls, special landscape, works around the mansion, securty cameras that can record for 1 month, there is automatic garage door aswell,in is garden there are ,peach,avokado,pomegrante,grape, orange, tangerine and mulberry trees. When your in living in our mansion you are going to have the change to pick the fruits frrom there trees and eating them. Besides in the garden we have a small area that is planted withall types of vegetables that you can assure such as tomotoe, cucumber,pepper, aburgine , parsley and mint.
Mansion properties :
The mansion is in total 4 floors.
Except garden the placement is 470 metter square, there is 2 units salon and kitchen, 6 units of bedroom, 6 units of bathroom and toilet, sauna, sport salon, working room, 3 units large terrace.
In its terrace there is wonderfull view of the castle, sea, Torous mauntains and a nature view. In tehe terrace there is otomatic door that can close and open itself. In the mansion there is completely a floor warning system and all of the Windows and balconies have electrical opening and closing jaluzy. The bedrooms are furnited with laminate parquet. In all of its rooms there is castle , sea, and nature view.
In our sale payement completely all of the properties that are going to be haven are included.
If any of the properties that are not wanted are going to be taken of from the sale payement.
Price : 780.000 €

Location of the property on the map

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