The new Noble Center will be built in Stockholm

The new Noble Center will be built in Stockholm

The Nobel Foundation has announced a competition to design the new building of the Nobel Center. The 12 largest architectural offices sent their projects to the contest. At the moment, the first qualifying round is held, reports citing

The new building will be located in the area Blasieholmen of Stockholm and will become one of the city's main attractions. Within its walls not only the headquarters of the Nobel Foundation will be located, but also the scientific and educational institutions, exhibition areas, conference center, library, cafe, shop, etc.

Blasieholmen Peninsula is part of Norrmalm district in the central part of Stockholm. There are located such important institutions as the National Museum of Sweden, Grand Hotel, Strand Hotel, the headquarters of the Swedish Freemasons, upmarket shops and restaurants.

The projects were sent by such leading studios, as the Danish BIG, Dutch OMA and Japanese SANAA. The strict jury, which includes the representatives of the Nobel Foundation, members of the Swedish Academy of Sciences and other respected people, is exposed to the following projects:

Landing Seagulls


A P(a)lace to enjoy

Nobel Sphere


“We believe in…”

The Space Between

Beyond 1210



A Room and a Half

The winner will be announced in 2014 the construction will begin in 2015 and the completion is tentatively scheduled for December 2018.

The new building will be built on this site.

Photo: Nobelhuset AB, Jeppe Wikström