When buying an apartment in Spain, ask for a discount of 30%

Jan. 22, 2014

When buying an apartment in Spain, ask for a discount of 30%

Despite the obvious signs of recovery in the property market in Spain, many owners are trying to quickly exchange their homes for cash. So you can safely ask for a discount of 20-30% of the asking price, advises ee24.com citing noticia.ru.

The report of Alfa Inmobiliaria advises homeowners to make concessions in order to successfully sell a house or an apartment in Spain. There is a good advice for buyers: although property prices have fallen down during the crisis by 45%, you still may ask for a discount. If the owner is in hurry to get rid of the property and pay his debts, it will work. 

According to the survey, in 2007 apartments in Spain were selling in 14 days, and in 2014 - in 465 days. So do not hesitate to ask for a discount when buying property in Spain! Hurry up until it goes up in value!

Opinion of the ee24.com portal's expert

Vladimir Venkov, PR manager of FORUMINT estate:

"Individual cases getting major discounts are not too representative in the whole real estate market in Spain. It all depends on the owner, his desire to sell: someone deliberately overprice to be able to discount during negotiations, or someone puts a price below the average hoping to sell quickly.

Of course, much depends on the object. It's unprofitable to sell high-profitable objects at deep discounts, but objects without infrastructure are sold difficult in a short time, and the owners are willing to bargain with the real buyer.

30-50% discounts can be reached in some cases, as sales of bank real estate.

In general, according to property indicators including the rising level of sales, now the market stays in better position than 2-3 years ago. Property prices in Spain will only grow in the foreseeable future, and the number of proposals for property sale with huge discounts will decrease."