Loft-transformer was built in Madrid

Loft-transformer was built in Madrid

Architects from studio Elii managed to alter the loft building in central Madrid area of 57 sq.m in a duplex apartment. The main feature of the apartment is the ability to transform its space with the help of mobile panels, reports citing

Masters worked on the project for six months and were able to achieve impressive results. Despite the fact that the area of each floor of the apartment is not more than 20 m , each may be created by using several rooms frames of steel and polycarbonate. And if you planned a party, all floor space can be combined.

Transformation system dwellings recalls a similar system for a change of scenery in the theater. It is attached to the ceiling and does not take up much space.

On the ground floor there is a table, two benches, racks, cabinets, fans and removable swing. The second floor includes a small seating area, dressing table and storage cabinet.

Recall that the Spaniards are the main suppliers of architectural news lately. previously reported that they built an igloo house, most mobile home and autonomous house.