Houseboat for two in the Netherlands: in case of divorce housing is divided into 2 parts without difficulty

Omar Kbiri from the Netherlands invented the concept of floating houses for couples. In case of divorce, housing is easily divided into 2 parts – the former spouses will be able to go away “like ships in the night". Given the steady increase in the number of divorces, the idea can become very popular.

The production of such an unusual family nests in the Netherlands will begin in 2017, if the developer will find investors for the project. To name the approximate price of the floating family houses is now very difficult. It depends on the specific internal content, which will be determine by the buyers themselves.

As for design features of a Prenuptial Housing (that's the official name of the concept), the houseboat has 2 functional block connected to the family idyll. In case of break up separation won’t require any special tools.

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