Plant / Factory in city Tržič
2490.00 sq.m.

€ 8 000 000
**Water bottling plant**

Sources of drinking water are important business niche, since the tube water has to be cleaned with chlorine.

The company that's on the market has the license to pump up to 1,6 liter per second, 24 hours a day with a maximum quantity of 36.5 million liters per year or 100.000 liters of water per day for the next 22 years – all together this is 803 million  liters of water. So, basically, we are talking about 803 million liters of drinking spring water to be placed on the market. The spring is 985 m above sea level. This is important, because it ensures the water is clean at the origin and far away from any source of pollution.

**The company**

The company is a private owned and based in the mountain region of Slovenia.

The water source is very close to the factory and located on the land, that is owned by Catholic Church and the bottling company has their official (legal) permission to use it.

The company has already done all necessary tests, acquired all necessary approval documents and licenses to exploit the source. The bottling facilities are built on the spot and technology is installed for bottling 0,5 and 1,5 liter bottles. The capacity of the facility is 27.000 bottles of 0,5 l  and 45.000 bottles  of 1,5 l daily.

The facility at the source has the storage (capacity 36.500 m3 per year), offices, lab for water analysis and excellent traffic connections (motorway is only 15 km away and 130 km from Koper port). Therefore the logistics is very efficient.

The owner has just began exploiting the source. After market research study they decided to bottle plain spring water and water with added flavors of elder flower, apple, peach, strawberry, orange & lemon. They have invested in design of the brand, as well.

As you can see the branding of the bottled water is already done (example of water with added apple flavor)

At the moment the filling company is employing 4 people part time

The authority fee is 1% on sales.

**Details of the property (land, building) and assets**

Size of the land on which the industrial building (factory) is built on is 1690m2 in size. The factory has in footprint 420m2 in size and a total of 800m2 useful area. The driveway and parking space for uploading the water is approximately 600m2. The ground floor of the factory has a warehouse with compressor station (120m2), production hall with warehouse equipment (320m2) and other facilities necessary for operating (80m2): a handy workshop, one office, bathroom, and hallway. On the first floor there is additional 300 m2 of storage space.


**The market**

Market of drinking water grows every year since the quality of water supply systems is getting lower every year and that water is treated with poisonous chloride dioxide. The water on this source is of so high quality there is no treatment needed and can be bottled directly in the bottles.

The company has not invested in marketing yet. This means that the water could be bottled and sold as water of already marketed brand – well known.


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