Plant / Factory in city Maribor
23582.00 sq.m.

€ 1 704 500
### Location


Complex is situated in center of Maribor, the second largest Slovenian city with a long and rich tradition and history. It is a very lively city with all the necessary modern infrastructure. Here are located all the more important companies, which are present in Slovenia. From the logistics point of view, location is perfect, since it is situated near the urban ring road. Access to individual property along the road is through direct branches from the main roads.

Distances from Maribor:
-International airport Maribor 14 km
-Graz 72 km
-Zagreb 120 km
-Ljubljana 127 km
-Viena 260 km

### Property description

**E****stimated****price after valuation****: 3.571.000 EUR**
**Asking price on 1st public auction: 2.435.000 EUR**

**Asking price on 2nd public auction: 1.704.500 EUR**


Comlex has 16,478 m2 of plot area (7104 m2 of net floor area and 9,374 m2 of yard).
The industrial complex consists of the following property:

1.Manufacturing facilities - 5865.46 m2 or 73.08% of the total building.
It includes the following facilities: an extension to the changing rooms and boiler room, pastimico and drying, mantle foundry, assembly, transformer station, mixing plant acids, extension of rectifiers, metal cabinets rectifiers, gas station, and oxygen station.

2.The new administration - 434.14 m2 or 5.41% of the total building.
It comprises the following rooms: 9 offices, the Director's office, secretariat, meeting room, CPU, kitchen, toilets, stairs and hallway.

3.The old administration - 396.41 m2 or 4.94% of the total building.
It covers the following areas: administration of production (hallway, 5 offices), kitchen and dining room (dining kitchen, reception tank, corridor, 3x storage, wardrobe, three washing spaces), Lab, technical surface.

4.Warehouse and production hall - 1309.24 m2 or 16.31% of the total building.
It covers the following areas: maintenance, warehouse, warehouse production hall.

5.Reception - 20,54 m2 or 0.26% of the total building.

6.Courtyard 9374.00 m2.




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