Commercial in district Center in city Ljubljana
1924.40 sq.m.

€ 4 200 000

### Fully rented elite property on an elite location in the Centre of Ljubljana

A high quality and a prestigious facility is located in an exceptional location in the immediate vicinity of the city Centre and with a direct link to the South bypass.

The facility is of modern design and its prestigious offices are intended for power users (law firms, an Embassy, high state institutions, etc.).

The facility of 734 m2 and its corresponding land of 1190 m2 was constructed and first lived in 1933, as an accommodation facility. It was originally a luxury residential villa with a swimming pool and a large garden. It was designed to be a living quarters and a home for the Manager of a large company and his family.

The villa has served as the living quarters up to the nineteen fifties, when it began to be used for business purposes. It remained so until the current owner purchased the villa and thoroughly restored it, designed the loft and the sub-ground level and turned the garden into a functional extension of the business premises and a parking lot for employees and customers.

The facility was restored in the years of 2001 and 2002.  First, the roof structure was reinforced by restoration the load-bearing construction and the sub-ground porch was closed. Then all installations was restored and upgraded with modern installations, necessary for a superior standard of business premises.
The finishing works were also carried out according to the specific plans implementing the designer materials and built-in equipment. The exterior of the premises were completely rearranged as required for the current usage of the premises. All this created the top of the range premises suitable for users who require above-standard working environment.

The rooms for the candidate attorneys at law, the law firm interns and the supportive team are in the sub-ground floor. On the same floor are a dining room with a kitchenette, the central sanitary facilities with a bathroom and the technical facilities with the equipment for the command & control installations.

The high ground floor is intended for the reception of the clients, spaces for meetings, the central archives and the law firm offices. The superior rooms are finalized with built-in artistic elements and the unique final materials. In the floor of the building, there are superior offices of the heads of the law firm, the attorneys and the support staff. In particular, it is necessary to mention the office of the head of the Office, which is designed and equipped with above-standard elements. The loft is used for the offices of the lawyers and their support staff; there is also a smaller archive. While restoring this floor the restorers have not held back with the implementation of the design and the built-in equipment and the unmounted equipment.

The front side of the building, on the façade overlooking the main road, is decorated with four murals, whose author is Matej Sternen, the well-known impressionistic painter.

The facility is fully rented to a dependable and a long-term tenant. The tenant is a prestigious law firm with a long tradition. The term of the lease is 10 years with a year’s notice and a contractual penalty in case of early termination, namely for 9% of the rent until the end of the contract. 

Price: 4.200.000 euros


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