Castle in city Koshice
1600.00 sq.m., 4 bedrooms

€ 1 900 000
A beautifully renovated castle for sale.
A beautifully renovated castle in southeastern part of Slovakia is for sale. It lies appr. 8 kilometers from Kralovsky Chlmec, approx. 90 kilometers from Kosice (airport), approx. 140 kilometers from Debrecen (airport) and approx. 40 kilometers from Uzhgorod. It is located in a peaceful village Biel (Bély) of one thousand and four hundred people, whose population is mostly Hungarian. The castle was built in 1781 by László Sennyey. Originally built in Baroque style, it was later rebuilt in Rococo-Classicist style. The castle is a U-shaped building, facing the main entrance of the central building in the west, and the northern wing and the southern wing of the castle are erected as a separate building. The Office of Monuments of the Slovak Republic declared the Sennyey Castle in 1990 as a monument.
The current owner started the renovation of the central building of the castle in 2009. The renovation works were completed in June 2012, and in October 2012 the interior of the castle was completed with contemporary furniture. The built-up area of the central building of the renovated castle is 866 m2, with a built-in area of 595 m2, with 20 rooms and 7 social and other rooms. The heating of the building is provided with underfloor heating, which is supplied by two gas boilers. Three contemporary tile stoves, which are proportionally located in the building are contributing to ensure the right thermal sensation. Utilities (water, gas, electricity) are connected to the utilities in the village.
In the renovated part of the castle, three guest rooms and a comfortable apartment suite were arranged, open to visitors and tourists. Guest rooms have a separate entrance and a separate bathroom. An apartment has a separate entrance, a bathroom, 4 rooms and a fully equipped kitchen. The mansion is normally for 8 people, but can accommodate up to 15 people.
In the central part of the castle there is a vaulted salon, which provides ideal conditions for conferences, seminars, courses and music events and concerts.
The northern and southern wings of the castle need to be reconstructed. In order to do this, in 2011 the construction license documentation for the two wing buildings was completed, on the basis of which the authority issued the building permit. The northern wing of the castle is a basement, single-storey building with a built-up area of 380 m2. The southern wing of the castle is a one-storey, built-up area of 360 m2. The renovation of the two wing buildings, the northern and southern wings, would ensure the growth of tourism in the region. After the renovation, accommodation can be arranged in the southern wing building. Four guest rooms with social space and an apartment with double bedroom, living room with fireplace and social facilities can be built and equipped. In the southern wing building, 10 people can be accommodated after the renovation, and 16 people can be accommodated after the extra beds. In the northern wing building on the ground floor there may be two office spaces for organizing the operation of the castle, two communicating communal halls, a room and social premises for serving refreshment, a communal hall with courses, various cultural and social events, exhibitions.
The renovated castle is surrounded by a park of over 3.50 hectares, full of ash-trees and planets older than a century. The park is also a listed monument and contains valuable trees.

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