Land in city Bytów
58200.00 sq.m.

€ 270 000
A land with a natural lake and a house in an extraordinary location for sale.

The property is located on Pojezierze Bytowskie in Pomorskie voivodeship. It contains a stagnant, natural lake with an area of 5,56 hectare, surrounded by a charming forest. 40 meters from the lake there is a building plot with an area of 2607 square meters with a former German house with an area of 80 square meters plus 80 square meters of an attic.

Description of the location / General view:
At 20 km distance two towns are located. The closest village with two shops and school is located at 2 km distance. The property is located out of the village area, close to the forest border. The closest neighbourhood is at 600 meter distance. The property location guarantees silence, privacy and close contact with a nature. A dirt road leads to the house - 1,5 km from an asphalt road. There are many big post-glacial lakes, bike routes and rivers full of trouts and graylings in a radius of 40 km. The area is very attractive for fishing, hunting and mushroom picking. Baltic coast is at a distance of around 70 km (Ustka and Rowy).

Description of the lake:
The lake is located opposite to the house. There is a huge population of tench, crucian, pike and perch which is a big advantage for fishing enthusiasts. The lake is a private property. During the season the lake is supplied by the water from the closest springs and marshland. A maximum depth of the lake is 4,5 meter.

House description:
The house architecture is typical for prewar building of the Polish-German Borderland.
The house interior contains:
- at a ground floor: three rooms (two with a fireplace), a kitchen, a bathroom,
- at first floor a room with a spacious attic.
Doors and windows are made of solid wood. The floor is made of solid wooden planks. The whole style is similar to raw Scandinavian or Canadian style. The building has a basement, wooden ceilings, a gable roof is restored and covered with tiles. The last renovation was carried out 8 years ago. The house needs partly renovation. The property area is 2607 square meters. The property border is surrounded by a mature forest. The house area is 80 square meters plus 80 square meters of the attic.

Legal status:
Full ownership of a natural person, a land and a mortgage register without any encumbrances. The property – the house and the lake are not covered by the local spatial development plan. They are located within the protected landscape park area. The plot with the house is marked in the area development plan as built-up areas.

House description:

Ground floor – 3 rooms, a kitchen, a bathroom – total about 81 m2

First room – an area of approx. 20 m2 with a closed fireplace, wooden planks on the floor, double windows facing West, wooden shutters.

Second room - an area of approx. 20 m2 with an open fireplace, wooden planks on the floor, double windows, wooden shutters, opened to the roof, with a balcony at the second floor, windows facing West.

Third room – an area of approx. 12 m2, wooden planks of the floor, wooden windows facing East, wooden shutters.

Kitchen – an area of approx. 13 m2, with wooden window and shutter, former German tiles on the floor.

Bathroom – an area of approx. 4 m2, with a sink, a shower, an additional utility room of an area of 3 m2 is attached – there is a possibility of rebuilding the whole space into one bigger room. It has a single common entrance.

Hallway - an area of approx. 9 m2, a concrete floor, high pinewood ceilings, a wooden paneling on one third of walls height. The room height is 2,4 meter.

First floor – an area of approx. 81 m2. It contains: a single 15 m2 room, wooden windows with shutters, wooden planks on the floor. The rest of the space is an open attic with a possibility of separating two additional rooms (windows on the side walls of the house allow such a rebuild).

Basement - an area of approx. 16 m2. The entrance from the ground floor room through a hatch in the floor.

Electrical installation - a three-phase counter

Plumbing - is accessible in the bathroom and the kitchen. Cold water is delivered from water cart, hot water is heated by an instantaneous water heater. There is a deep well on the plot area - currently not used. In previous years community proceeded a construction of a water supply, but work was stopped.

Toilet - outdoor. There is a possibility of building an indoor toilet. There are established water and sewers connections.

Cesspool - two-chamber

Heating - 2 fireplaces

Roof - made of ceramic tile, not insulated, double-sloping roof, galvanised gutter

Outdoors walls are restored at depth of 1,5m. House is surrounded by the paving (gravel below at depth of 1,5m).

Brick house, plastered with reinforcing mortar, shutters on all windows.

The original home architecture, arrangement and beam are preserved. It is possible to extend the attic in terms of inhabitancy.
The last renovation was carried out in 2001. The maintenance and repairs carried out on a regular basis. The house is situated on the former Polish-German border with an architecture typical for the Kashubian village. The house was built in 1925. A distance from a former pre war border is 8 km.

Contact: +48 501 408 222

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