VK Real s.r.o.

Company VK Real s.r.o. works in real estate since 2002. Beginning in 2006, became the focus on real estate sales in Italy and then in Austria and Croatia. Due to the growing interest of Russian clients in Moscow and an office was opened. During its existence, the company has gained invaluable experience in sales both Czech and foreign real estate. Since August 2012, the company joined the network "CHIRŠ realitní kanceláře", under which it offers real estate in the Czech Republic and abroad, continues to operate under its own name VK Real s.r.o.

Company benefits:

  • Your property can be represented in Russia and Italy, the company has offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Bolzano, Merano and Brunico.
  • The company works actively in the interests of their customers, which of course is not limited to placing ads on the pages of the Internet, participating in prestigious exhibitions (Bydlení, For Arch, as well as in Moscow and Yekaterinburg) and advertises real estate in leading journals (Real City, Grand Reality, Estate ..).
  • VK Real company pays great attention to regular training of their brokers, as evidenced by the title of " Certified real estate broker ".
  • Employees also participate in internships in partner companies in Italy and Austria, whose purpose is not only to understand how the system works abroad, but also to adapt it to the conditions of the Czech real estate market.
  • The company is a member of VK Real Czech Chamber of real estate companies and Realtors Association of the Czech Republic.
  • The company offers its clients a professional campaign and comfortable home atmosphere in communication, and that's exactly what customers are accustomed abroad.

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