European company UAB EURO HELP provides comprehensive consulting services in the following areas: legal, accounting and migration, as well as real estate services, both in Lithuania and Hungary. 




- Search and selection of real estate; 
- Investments in real estate; 
- Verification of the legal "purity of the object"; 
- Support of transactions; 
- Registration of real estate; 
- Managed Property. 
- Providing qualified legal assistance to citizens in Lithuania Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other countries regarding registration, liquidation and reorganization of enterprises of all kinds; 
- Opening and closing of bank accounts; 
- Getting a permit for temporary permit (permit) and continuous (permanent) residence in Lithuania, Hungary; 
- Drafting of contracts and agreements. 

Establishment and registration of companies in Lithuania providing a full package of documents necessary for the implementation of activities of the newly established company, re-registration, reorganizaliya, liquidation of companies. 

- Selection of the legal address of the company. 
- Registration of changes in the constituent documents. 
- Making transactions for the sale of shares of enterprises. 
- Business Legal Services - Legal written and oral advice to the chief executive, in the negotiations. 
- Subscriber legal services - a set of services to provide legal assistance. 
- Search and selection of properties. 
- Investments in real estate. 
- Create conditions to foreign entities for land acquisition. 
- Verification of the legal "purity of the object." 
- Registration of real estate. 
- Managed Property. 
- Legal support of transactions of purchase and sale and lease of real property. 
- Organization of the negotiation process.