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SpanisHomeSeller is the leading company regarding the sale of Spanish property for foreign real estate markets, a company founded with Spanish capital because of the need of many people to sell your property in the European property market Chinese, Arabic, Russian, but the after braking cultural, dialectical and functional barriers, we create a bridge between the seller and the most important real estate markets in terms of investment in our country is concerned.

More and more people are encouraged to sell your property outside our borders, stagnation which now has the Spanish property market and especially because they are increasingly foreigners who are interested in investing in our housing market reaching historic highs 2013.

All this we got down to the smallest detail, starting from the customer positions your listing and has a personal assistant will highlight the most important features of the property and photographs. We accompany you throughout the sale process and will at all times with a package of services that includes everything related to translation, legal and legal advice.

We do this to meet one goal: satisfy our customers. Since our mission is to sell your home in record time, for this purpose we work every day to innovate to meet all your needs.

We are supported by the most extensive and qualified network of local business in over 50 countries and over 17 languages, with a presence across 5 continents. So we are able to reach more than one billion people creating a multilingual ad, positioned in all these countries. And through our customer portfolio and investment funds loyal throughout the years.

There are many advantages that favor the fact to sell our property outside our borders. Not only economic fact of little devaluation to enjoy our property abroad, but also that more and more foreign property markets that are investing in our country, which do not have many difficulties to get funding . Not only talk about potential buyers of European markets but there is growing demand in countries like China, Russia, Arab countries and South America are investing in our country, largely attracted by the new law (Spanish grant residence foreign investment of 500,000 euros) and the large surplus stock of Spanish property.

We encourage you decide to try something different and sell your floor outside Spain. If you are looking different results have to do different things.

If you are interested in selling your house in record time and especially at the price without devaluing it is on the right page, we'll prove it. You will not regret because we give a different, fresh and innovative service to what you are used without being real. That is, no commissions or exclusive contracts. Do not forget that today 90 percent of the sale of real estate in our country begins with a search on the internet and that almost 30 percent of sales in Spain are aimed at foreigners. Do not be left out, this opportunity will not always be.

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