New Home Cyprus

New Home Cyprus specializes in providing assistance in the acquisition of property in Cyprus. 

When buying property in Cyprus, the company offers assistance in buying cheap tickets for your pre-trip inspection to them, as well as providing a place to stay during your visit at an affordable price. With your consent, experts will meet you at the airport and arrange a tour to inspect the property you selected. The company will present the choice suitable for you real estate and together discuss its financial aspects. Questions of legal, financial and tax nature should be resolved with the help of professionals. The specialists of the company have the opportunity to recommend such professionals with state licenses for the right to work. 


- familiarity with the local independent artists; 

- questions and lending sources of credit; 

- legal support, banking issues, accounting; 

- assistance in opening a bank account; 

- conduct pricing arrangements; 

- work with architects and engineers; 

- discussion on investment and rental.

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