The company started its activity in spring 2009. For seven years we worked as a part of the company which is an unsurpassable leader in European, USA and many others real estate markets of the world. The work with the leader company gave us priceless experience which acting as a separate real estate agency we could share with our clients. UAB NekTur Real Estate Group is a real estate agency providing qualitative and professional real estate services in Naujoji Akmenė town, Akmenė district and the entire Republic of Lithuania. Company employees are oriented towards the highest quality real estate services which help clients to save their time and do not cause additional worries during a real estate purchase and sale process. The company Office is located at the most attractive location of Naujoji Akmenė – at L. Petravičiaus Square, on the first floor of the building. Different enterprises and organisations have their offices in this building such as UAB NEKTUR REAL ESTATE GROUP, Credit Union, shopping centre, furniture store, and other enterprises. Please contact us and we take care of your real estate and provide detailed information about the real estate market, prices, and the current situation. BUYING. SELLING. AGENCY Those three terms shortly describe our real estate services rendered to you. DO YOU WANT TO SELL YOUR APARTMENT, LAND PLOT, FOREST OR HOMESTEAD? FIRST OF ALL, CONTACT US. WE DISCUSS YOUR OFFER AND BUY YOUR PROPERTY AT FAVOURABLE CONDITIONS. WHILE PROVIDING REAL ESTATE SERVICES IN NAUJOJI AKMENĖ TOWN, AKMENĖ DISTRICT AND THE ENTIRE TERRITORY OF LITHUANIA, WE: Help to sell apartments, houses, homesteads, garden-plots, premises, land plots and other real estate in Naujoji Akmenė town, Akmenė district and the entire territory of Lithuania. Mediate in purchase and sale of real estate. Administer placing of adds on the Internet, press, and elsewhere. Use all possible means for advertisement of your objects. Show your objects to potential buyers and provide reports. Professionally and quickly prepare necessary documents for an execution of a safe deal. Represent in negotiations ensuring safe execution of a deal. Arrange loan specialist, lawyer, public notary, property appraiser services, related to the sale of your real estate. Free of charge consult you on real estate issues. Our accumulated experience in the real estate market and a large database allows us to find a buyer or a seller more quickly.