My Luxury House

My Luxury House Dolomiti Casa is a sector and is dedicated to luxury real estate, estates and historic residences, as well as investment opportunities in real estate. 

My Luxury House was created to surprise and delight. The company offers a range of elite real estate, estates, historic residences and investment opportunity in real estate. Unique places, interesting scenarios to experience the beauty of the whole immersed in a unique and distinctive style. The company's staff, prepared and competent, personalized service and a proud focuses on customers. Experts listen with interest and attention to your every need in order to satisfy all your desires. 
The company works only with the written permission of the seller and selects properties based not only on exclusivity, but mainly on the accuracy of the information, as transparency and integrity in the management of relations between the parties are important to them. 
Customer satisfaction and results are the key to success. 
Knowledge of experts, both in domestic and international market allows us to help clients in any type of transaction, even complex, helping them realize their dreams. Extensive network of contacts and knowledge offers a wide range of investors. The company works with several experts on the development of cross-border transactions and, in particular, with the staff contributing to the proposal of the Italian real estate for Russian clients interested in investing in Italy.

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