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MonaCOncept is an expert on investments in residential and commercial real estate and luxury offers exclusive services on the full range of transactions. 


- Vacation rentals in Cote d'Azur;
- Market analysis and analysis of asset class risk-based;
- Financing services (obtaining a mortgage);
- Property insurance; 
- Advice on the structuring of assets, including trusts; 
- Advice on tax optimization;
- Legal expertise;
- Full support of the deal, Due diligence, negotiating with the owner;
- Translation services, and notary; 
- Asset management and administration (paying bills, taxes, etc.);
- Concierge lifestyle management. 

A distinctive feature of the provision of services, the company said consolidated VIP service to find investment opportunities, as well as independence from what - or structure, whether a financial institution or real estate agency. Thus, the company represents clients and based on that select financial products, objects or investment partners.

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