Latvijas Investīcijas was established in 2009. Since the foundation of the company, it has been offering it’s clients wide range of services starting from brokerage and real estate development to different kinds of loans and legal consultations. Company has gained a great amount of trust from it’s investors and clients by clearly understanding their needs and taking into account every little detail in order to provide them with services that suit them precisely.

Latvijas Investicijas specialises in: 

  • real estate development - acquiring and renovating historical buildings;
  • brokerage services - specialists will help you sell or find the right property for you e.g., apartments, buildings for development, commercial properties, hotels, land for construction, properties with stable cash flow etc.; 
  • legal services - property privatization, inheritance, management of all the legal paperwork, to ensure highest safety;
  • loans – mortgage, loan until sales of property, repayment of prompt credits and consumer credits etc.;
  • project management – specialists will help you to build, manage and rent out properties.