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Latgale Estate provides a full range of services related to real estate in Latvia for non-residents (mostly citizens of Russia and CIS), providing comprehensive services at all stages of transactions. The company specializes in real estate in Latgale (eastern Latvia).

Homebuyers Latgale Estate has to offer:

  • property search in Latgale and Latvia to your specifications;
  • real estate expertise, you found yourself;
  • organizing the visit to Latvia to view real estate registration and further support the resident company (SIA) for the purchase of plots with forest or agricultural land;
  • advice on possible risks and schemes processing transactions , preparing purchase of real estate transactions;
  • assistance in obtaining a residence permit in Latvia on the grounds purchase of real estate or a business;
  • section or pooling of land , including for processing in direct ownership of non-residents;
  • construction permit, advice on the selection of contractors, overseeing the construction;
  • search and check for business partners in Latgale
  • any other assistance that you need will be before, during or after your purchase.

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