We are professional real estate agency “KOM-INVEST”, and we are rendering real estate services in Latvia, focusing mostly the foreign clients. Our clients are citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and other CIS countries. Our aim is to provide you all necessary information to choose the property to purchase (apartments, houses, commercial properties) and to give you the sound legal advice to complete the transaction correctly and safely. The main benefits from cooperation with us: You will have the following advantages if you choose the company “KOM-INVEST”: 1) You will cooperate with the professional and trustful company with an excellent reputation. 2) Accuracy. We are accurate, and we will pay attention to all your questions. All questions will be answered, and all issues will be solved. 3) Reporting. During our cooperation, we will communicate by e-mail, we will inform you about the progress of the fulfilment of the tasks and the current stage of the transaction. 4) The broad scope of the services. We are offering not only residential property, but we can select and assist in purchasing the investment property. Additionally, we provide the legal support in the transactions, we can solve legal issues, and we can assist to obtain the Residence Permit in Latvia. 5) After the purchase of the property, you can continue cooperating with us. We can assist you in different matters: to pay the bills for the public utilities, to offer the property for the lease, to pay the taxes, etc. Main facts about our agency: 1) Our employees have more than 8 years of experience in the Latvian property market. 2) We have closed more than 300 real estate transactions. 3) We have assisted in obtaining the residence permit for more than 80 clients. 4) The clients of our company are citizens of the CIS countries. We understand our clients, we understand their mentality, we know their business habits. Therefore, we have trustful business relations with our clients. 5) All our clients have obtained the residence permit, and there were no refusals at all. Our main principles of work: 1) We are rendering the services and cooperating with the clients because it is interesting for us, we are experienced, and we are glad to help our clients. 2) We don’t categorise our clients depending on the volume of investments. All our clients are important, and all of them are investors. 3) We ensure the high standards of the services. We are fair, transparent, clear and we don’t hide any information. 4) We keep our promises, and we understand the needs of the clients. 5) We observe all contractual and mutual obligations. 6) We take care not only for our reputation, but for the reputation of our clients as well. The confidentiality of information is crucial. 7) We fulfil all tasks and solve all issues. Some of our clients had just asked for the assistance in the registration of the residence permit, but after the successful cooperation, they decided to purchase the investment property with our assistance. 8) We are doing our best to complete the transactions quickly. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, all transactions and all issues are being solved as quick as possible. 9) We are accurate. Accuracy is important in all stages. The positioning of the text in the contract, the transition of text from one page to another page and the good language are very important elements for us.

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