INTEREAL - International Real Estate

InteReal - International Real Estate - is a real estate agency focused on channeling international investments to Portugal. Through its international (and national) network, InteReal places in the market real estate products that meet one of the following criteria: - Provide future capital gain - For resale after rehab - With an attractive current income or potential for it - Real estate of quality or for rehabilitation Our client portfolio also has an opening to peripheral areas, as market trends reveal that there is a very interesting potential here. In short, whether they are fractions or entire buildings, we can promote the transaction of real estate, whether in the national or international market. Consult us to know what market can offer for your property, based on our portfolio of customers. When we realize our promises, we do it with integrity. We only promise what is honest and what we know we can achieve. When we go for execution, we realize our actions with integrity. With InteReal, make your turn your intents in reality.

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