For years now we’ve worked hard to perfect our knowledge of EU law, we’ve searched far and wide to develop relationships with professional service providers (including solicitors) and we’ve even gone as far as to improve our personal skills to better serve our clients. We know what you’re thinking… don’t all estate agencies say this? Well sure, there’s a certain amount of information that we have to share with you, but what about the stuff that really matters? What is this stuff you ask? Well, what about the fact that our founder, Marios Demosthenous actively goes out of his way to offer the cheapest rates based on your personal situation? And what about the lengths that we go to, simply to ensure that buyers can purchase their new properties safely and securely, whilst sellers can get the best deal for their home? It’s The Little Things That Count We are fully licensed – that’s a given, but what you might not know is that we don’t consider our services a job that needs doing to pay the bills; we genuinely enjoy what we do. We love being able to work closely with property sellers, while getting to know their wants and needs. We really enjoy showing buyers around prospective properties and seeing the look on their faces as they walk into their ideal homes. And as for tenants – we honestly understand just how important it can be to find an ideal place to live; a home that could keep you and your family safe. On paper we are Demosthenous Properties; a fantastically well-rounded estate agency service in Paphos that wants nothing more than to help our clientele. But behind the scenes we are people with a passion for the property market, so why not get in touch with us today to learn more, or to hire our friendly and personal services?

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