Чобанов & Стоянов — элитный застройщик

Chobanov & Stoyanov Ltd was founded in 2004 by the real estate expert Mihail Chobanov and the business developer Nicola Stoyanov. The company focuses mainly on the development activity in its business portfolio, as well as on a full range of services related to quality construction and finishing works around the country. Since 2008 company has focused all efforts on developing their activities related to boutique development and high quality finishing services. The exclusive SUNSET VILLAS project that realized during the 3 years after the beginning of the crisis shows clearly the new direction they are taking. Since 2004 they have invested in and build more than 16 buildings and gated holiday developments mainly in the beach and ski resorts in Bulgaria.

The main activities:

  • Construction (all stages)
  • Finishing works
  • Interiors
  • Restoration and modernization
  • Refurbishment and reconstruction
  • Insulation and retrofitting
  • Design
  • Legalization
  • Project management
  • Green buildings
  • Landscaping
  • Children’s and sports playgrounds

Recently listed properties