Bravos Estate

Bravos Estate company offers comprehensive services for the real estate qualified selection, maintenance of sales transactions and provision of professional assistance at various stages of the transaction. Our company provides high quality level of service, built on the market knowledge, the effectiveness of our team and the trust of our partners and customers.

The Mission of “Bravos Estate” is to help our clients to find the best offerings currently available on the market, and provide all the information necessary to make decisions about purchases. We use our experience and market expertise to meet all of our clients’ needs, supported by an effective team and the trust of our partners.


Efficient search and selection of the best real estate in Spain based on the criteria of our clients:

  • Choosing the best! – search and selection of real estate;
  • Informing the client about new real estate listings that appear on the market.

Help in organizing a trip to Spain:

  • Services for the Schengen visa processing for customers who plan to visit Spain for viewing and subsequent acquisition of real estate;
  • Reservation and purchase of airplane tickets;
  • Hotel reservation;
  • Selection of property in Spain on the parameters of the customer;
  • Search and assistance in renting a vehicle.

Counseling on all matters related to the purchase of real estate and providing valuable advice and solutions:

  • Making a notarized power of attorney;
  • NIE obtaining – Foreigner Identification Number;
  • Bank account opening and applying for a mortgage loan;
  • Checking the contract of sale on the compliance with the Spanish legislation;
  • Checking the real estate properties of interest on the databases of the Property Register;
  • Checking all documents provided by the seller;
  • Confirmation the absence of arrears and encumbrances on the real estate item of interest;
  • Preparation of the deed of purchase to be signed by a notary;
  • Translation services at all stages of the transaction.