Luxury apartments will be built on the former naval base in Montenegro

By the summer of 2017 in Porto Montenegro will appear a new building of luxury residential complex - Regent Pool Club. The city has its own "flavor" - it has the largest parking for yachts on the Adriatic coast length of 250 meters. Now the parking lot is designed for 450 yachts, and in the near future it will accommodate up to 850 yachts.

Earlier in Porto Montenegro was placed Yugoslav naval base with submarines and boats. Today, the military past resembles a diesel submarine in the local Museum of the Yugoslav Navy.

The residential complex will have 80 apartments with 1-3 bedrooms, priced from € 409 000 up to € 3 700 000. In the near there is a 5-star spa hotel. Some apartments may be included in the hotel room fund.

Now Porto Montenrgro has 6 residential complexes, made in the traditional Montenegrin style. Among foreign investors, most are Russians - 35%. Next are Britains and the Middle East representatives - 30% and 15% respectively. Investors from the former Yugoslavia have a modest fourth place.

Based on materials of realty.rbc.ru

Photocredit portomontenegro.com