Different purposes in city Riga
1400.00 sq.m.

€ 550 000
Real Estate Investment !!! Through my intermediation and consulting agency
-MirkoSinico Property Consulting-, I give to my exclusive clients “Projects of real estate investment” of full type, in Riga, the capital of Latvia – Baltic countries. Personally, I live in Riga of many years and I know quite well the actual and the everyday real estate market, working with my collaborators on real estate projects, starting with the smallest and ending with the great ones. We participate also to different public auctions.
I deal also with business administration, providing your income on various levels, at the end of the business. Making a real estate investment in Riga – Latvia, it is possible to have a profit starting from 45% to 60 % on the value of the costs, over a period of time from 25 to 30 months. The taxation for the real estate activity is fixed on 15% on the value of the profit of the, therefore notably lower than the Italian taxes.
I would be able to find for you the right real estate to purchase in Latvia but either in Estonia. I would be able to make for you the negotiation for purchasing and to drive you until the notary. I would assist you in the reconstruction if it will be initiated from the ground. Through my agency, I would be able to assist you in the real estate selling. Also I would assist you as an administrator on site and also in the legal services with an Italian lawyer.
From 2011, Latvia has an active real estate market, with a working positive capital (+2,3% average appreciation per year), especially in Riga on the reconstructed or new real estate. The clients are almost from the entire Russia, Norway, Sweden or Assia, especially to get the European Residence Permit, connected with the real estate purchase, but also with the relocated investment to Europe and in this way, to another currency.
At the end, it is to be mentioned that Riga and its historic center is a UNESCO heritage from 1997, and that in the city there are 97 active hotels to host the numerous tourists coming every weekend from the entire Europe, even with low cost air planes.
The real estate project I can propose you now is for example situated just outside the center of the Riga city:
Palace to renovate, for sale.
The total gross surface: 1400 m2.
Total number of the apartments to be sold: 16 - 18
The distance from the center is at about 25 min of walk. The nearest tram station is at about 2 min walk. Train station – 10 min walk.
Price for sale 550.000 euro
Price for reconstruction and management 800.000 euro (costs financed by the regional bank)
Sale Value 2.200.000 euro at 30 months from purchasing.
We can arrange for you, on request the draft project , business plan and the final project according to the prices of our interior architect.

Location of the property on the map

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