Apartment in city Riga
76.30 sq.m., 1 bedroom

€ 259 420

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HOFT - House Of the Flying Trees! Inspired by nature.

The concept
This Trinity green view of the world, respect for the history of the city and modern architecture.
The modern city, and especially the streets of the historic center is lacking of nature in the form of plants and trees, it often happens that the streets do not even have spatial capabilities to solve this problem. The only solution is to try to move the trees on the building.
The project Hoft is a unique opportunity in the contemporary volume of the facade and the new volume vnutridiskovogo of the building to make the facade of trees and greenery, creating floating gardens in the historic center of the city, to breathe the new idea of the opportunity to live together and in close proximity with nature, regardless of the floor rate.

The implementation of the concept
At the Central facade, in the courtyard, on terraces and secondary structures using a special fastening system at different levels, established conifers: cedar, mountain pine, different types of trees "bonsai", thus creating a private Park for the residents of the house - a green oasis in the heart of the city. It is a meditation on "how we can not only preserve nature in the city, but to exaggerate it using modern technology." The installation produces an incredibly strong impression, like trees growing in a natural environment, on the tops and slopes of mountains.

The careful restoration of the historic façade, installation of trees as part of the architecture of the building, structural glazing is like a mirror, reflecting the surrounding historical building and serves as Podesta to install trees. As the volume that seemed to say, "I'm not in charge here, I just give the opportunity to admire the surrounding world outside and inside himself."

HOFT is a project where the landscaping complements the architecture, and the inspiring, is interwoven with forms, creates a new volume, to become one with the facades.

Over the carefully preserved and restored historic façade, is absolutely unique floating oasis, like a glass showcase, which features design objects, their Creator is Nature itself.
Opening the door of a historic building with a completely classic 19th century facade, you find yourself in the courtyard – an example of modern architecture, this unusual that it seems that You have opened the door to a wonderful hidden world as in the story of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland".

The project HOFT is located at Strelnieku 5, landscaped area with an area of 1212 square feet. The project represents two block of flats 7 floors, connected by an underground Parking lot 23. Building on Strelnieku street – reconstructed monument of architecture built on two floors. The building in the yard – new building. In the Project of 42 apartments, apartment area: from 76 m2 to 232 m2 with the possibility of unification. All apartments have balconies with a width of not less than 1.80 m, large bright Windows and a window in the floor with stunning views of yard and trees. Ceiling height of 2.90 meters, in the penthouses – 3.00 meters. When designing HOFT laid parameters that exceed certain construction standards of the European Union and meet the demanding requirements of reliability and comfort, allowing you to relate the project to the projects of "Premium" class.
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