Jurmala believes that Gusakov will restore "Ķemeri" in 5 year period

Jurmala believes that Gusakov will restore "Ķemeri" in 5 year period

Badly known "Ķemeri" sanatorium in Jurmala, Latvia has found its buyer on the fifth try. This time, the only bidder was the Kemeri Park Hotel Company, owned by Russian investor Alexander Gusakov. Abandoned building cost him €3 million. Gatis Truksnis, Mayor of Jurmala, believes that former famous resort of Ķemeri in Latvia will be restored by investors' efforts and the authorities in five years, informs the ee24.com.

According to the head of the city, the Latvian authorities will invest €10 million on the development area of Ķemeri (Ķemeri park, water fascilities, water tower, roads) until 2020 and the building will be transformed in five years. Gatis Truksnis also said in an interview to the Latvian TV "Morning panorama" that he had met Gusakov twice and spoke "actually with a group of investors, as they came to the City Government to talk about future plans together with the French company Vichy, which is not only cosmetics producer but is also engaged in spa facilities development".

Alexander Gusakov’s Park Hotel Kemeri Company bought "Ķemeri" sanatorium on October 3, 2014 for €3 million on the fifth auction. Previously, there were not any applicants for the abandoned building. "Ķemeri" was popular in the times of the Russian Empire (railway line Moscow – Ķemeri was opened in 1912) and the Soviet Union and a decade ago, the company was purchased by the Ominasis Latvia, which did not do anything with the object and went bankrupt. In the 2010s the Government of Jurmala failed to find a new investor. Historic building is now in a very poor condition.

Alexander Gusakov owns by an international network of hotels and resorts in Germany, Switzerland and Russia.


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