Igor about buying an apartment in Latvia: "Here comes the inner peace, a crazy race stays at home".

When it came the thought to buy some overseas property, I went through a lot of bright minds and few comparable choices. Florida, California, Washington, Israel, Thailand, Bulgaria, Germany, Portugal, Spain ... I wanted the warm sea and civilization at the same time. Seriously thought about Israel and Spain, Latvia was not among the starting options. In Israel I could immediately obtain citizenship, the Spanish Parliament has developed this issue. With it almost came to bail. The argument against Spain was the distance to fly - two days  away from the vacation time(to / back) and uncertainty with the law on nationality / residence permit.  In Israel it is horribly hot and still deep province, although there are many advantages, and I still think over this opportunity….

The idea of Latvia came from my business partner Alexander, he spent all his summer vacation on the sea in the small town of Saulkrasti in Latvia. Latvia's advantage  is that it is close, and is available with different ways of transport: the plane to Riga from Petersburg is flying an hour, there is a train, a bus, a car with few different comfortable ways. When buying property, Latvia gives a residence permit. In addition, there is no language barrier, virtually the entire population speak Russian. Latvia is quite Europe, and one of the most expensive countries in Europe. And the food here is delicious.

We chose our apartment with a company "BaltHouse" which was recommended by my business partners. I picked up a lot of options, and then we went to watch them.

Our selection criterias were:

• Close to the sea and a beach;

• Price, sufficient to obtain a residence permit;

• Close to Riga;

• Surrounding nature;

• Availability of infrastructure (security, cleaning, management company, the ability to support remote dialogue about housing, payments, etc ....)

• An apartment;

• The desire to live in a quiet place.


Initially, we went to Saulkrasti, liked it and did not want to leave, but in the program there were objects in Sigulda and Jurmala. Sigulda is remarkable, but it is far from the sea and very secluded. Jurmala is unreasonably expensive and with noisy crowd of Muscovites. So our choice was complex Sun Republic in Saulkrasti.

As a result, everything turned out well: we often come to Latvia, it is comfortably and conveniently here. Sun Republic is well maintained throughout the year, in summer we go swimming, sunbathing on the beach, we travel by car across Latvia. There are many beautiful castles, palaces and just nice places and beautiful nature here, in the winter you can go cross-country skiing. Clean air, good environment. Here comes inner peace, and a crazy race  stays at home. Only forty minutes on a good road to go to Riga. In Riga there are good theaters, we go to the organ concerts in the Dome Cathedral, walk by wonderful medieval old town, with good restaurants, shops and malls, it is the European level. And what a fish market, a holiday belly and overeating! In general, we do not regret! By the way it's cheaper to fly from Riga to Europe than from St. Petersburg.

A remarkable feature of the company "Baltic House" is that they are in constant contact and friendly relations with developers and owners of the objects. They introduced me to the owners of the complex Sun Republic,  it was a pleasant surprise. The owners Alex and Irina did not just sold us an apartment and but they took care of all the paperwork, and later supervised our complex design repair works - in general they help with whatever they could, without them the  development of new living space would be much more difficult ....