Castle in city Daugavpils
3372.00 sq.m., 54 bedrooms

€ 40 000
Estimated repair costs developed and confirmed by the construction company! There is an opportunity to expand the territory!

The estate was built at the end of the 19th century in the center of the present village of Vishki. The manor was built for the family of Polish landowners Mohls, who at that time owned 18 farms and 4000 hectares of surrounding land. It was possible to find a representative of the Mohls clan living in Argentina, who provided historical evidence of the Mohls estate and clan and is open for further communication.

The reorganized house of the manager has survived to this day. There is also a free-planning park around the manager’s house, in which about 75 species of trees and shrubs grow, there is a pond and a fountain.

Vishki Manor is located in a picturesque place - on the shore of Lake Luknas in Latgale.

Taking into account the location of the estate, the area of ​​the premises, the area of ​​the adjacent territory, the presence of a park and public facilities created by the local government, the recommended development direction is the creation of a medical spa hotel, a specialized care center or rental of premises for municipal / private needs. This goal is consistent with the development plans of the Vishksky volost of the Daugavpils region.

The administration of the Daugavpils region has already equipped the surrounding territories - it has built a stadium, a place for campers, a stage, a beach with volleyball courts and a boat marina. The plans of the regional government include the development and provision of quality events and services in the field of culture, sports and tourism, as well as support for the renovation of the estate.

The manor building is connected to the municipal heating main, which provides central heating, as well as to the water supply and electricity networks. The estate can be reached by an asphalt road from three different directions.

One of the advantages of creating a special medical spa or care center is the presence of therapeutic mud. In the vicinity of the estate there is Lake Liminas, where in 1998, during the study, it was found that the sapropelic silt of the reservoir is an organic healing mud with a unique complex composition for Latvia, as evidenced by the conclusions made by the specialists of the Latvian Association of Resort Cities according to the research results.

Total area: 4,5967 ha

The area of ​​the internal premises of the estate building: 3321 m2

Area of ​​internal premises of auxiliary buildings: 1222.4 m2

Number of buildings: 3

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