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About the project

Residential complex “Parus” is a modern business-class house with spacious comfortable apartments and its own infrastructure.

Where is located
RC "Parus" in Astana has a favorable location between the right and left banks, on the street. Mailina, 6 in the Tekstilshchikov microdistrict. Infrastructure in the vicinity of the new house is actively developing. The old city center can be reached in just five minutes. The distance to the akimat of the capital is 5.5 km.

What's near
Nearby there is a pharmacy, there are several different shops, including grocery, supermarkets, cafes, fast food establishments. Near the LCD there is a fire station.
Ajar Astana Mall is just six hundred meters away. Less than a kilometer is the Eurasia Cinema 7 cinema and the Eurasia shopping and entertainment center, and about a kilometer there is the Schoolchildren's Palace. The park named after Baurzhan Momyshuly and Astana Music Hall are two kilometers away.
In ten minutes you can walk to the Alanda medical clinic, a little closer is the Diamed Clinic, which is only 570 meters away. The Chinese Medical Center is 620 meters from the new building, and one kilometer from the city polyclinic No. 6. The Clinic Center of Medicine is a ten minute walk. One and a half kilometers away is your health center, the clinic of Ermen-BK12 LLP, and the Shipaly medical center. Two kilometers to the city children's hospital №1 and the Perinatal center №2 of Astana.
There are a lot of educational and children's educational institutions in the Parus residential complex. Kindergartens "Duman" and "Murzilka" are located half a kilometer from the house. A little further, seven hundred meters away, there are Zerde and Balapan kindergartens, and only 1.2 km from kindergartens No. 21, No. 24, Ainalayyn, Balbala and the Ulіppe Development Center. The nearest educational institution, vocational school No. 2, is 400 meters away, and school number 50 is almost six hundred meters away. Within a radius of one and a half kilometers are Lyceum No. 53, secondary schools No. 51, No. 30, No. 28, the Orbita Central Design Bureau and Nuo Economic Lyceum.

Transport infrastructure
Convenient transportation allows you to easily get to any area of ​​the capital. Along Tauelsyzdyk prospect there are many bus routes and fixed-route taxis. The closest public transport stop, 420 meters away, is a four-minute walk.
Nurly Zhol Train Station is 7.5 km away, and the International Airport. Nursultan Nazarbayev is located seventeen kilometers from the new building.

Features of the new building
RC “Parus” consists of one two-section house with a height of twelve floors. The complex is being built using advanced technologies that contribute to the achievement of the necessary operational characteristics of the building.
The developer "Akmolastroy" builds houses from environmentally friendly materials, taking into account the local climate and the characteristics of the region. The building has a monolithic reinforced concrete frame, providing the necessary seismic resistance of the structure. The facade of the new building is finished with decorative plaster, Creaton tiles, facing bricks and granite.
Mounted aluminum double-chamber windows with energy-saving double-glazed windows. Silent passenger elevators are installed in each section. Engineering communications, including heating, are connected to central city networks. Technological equipment of a modern type is being installed.
An insulated door will be installed at the entrance to the entrance. Design design of entrance groups using high-class finishing materials is provided.

The territory of the complex
Planned complete improvement of the local territory of the LCD. In the courtyard, which is closed to outsiders, a playground is being built with swings, slides and other game simulators.
Walking paths are laid on the territory, lawns are broken, various ornamental plants and shrubs are planted, lanterns are installed. Car owners have a heated underground parking.
Commercial floors are provided on the lower floors. Here you will find shops, a fitness center, a training center for children, a pharmacy, and a beauty salon.

About the housing stock
The proposed apartment layouts in the Parus residential complex are carefully thought out, all conditions for a comfortable life are created. A choice of six layouts of one-bedroom apartments and two options for two-bedroom housing. Also in the LCD there are three-room apartments of four different layouts and two types of studios. Housing has an area of ​​32 to 115 square meters. m and fairly high ceilings. The property is being sold with pre-finishing.
You can clarify the conditions under which it is proposed to buy an apartment, including finding out about the possibility of applying for an installment plan or a mortgage at the sales office.

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