Rating: where in Italy the life is better?

Nov. 5, 2015

Rating: where in Italy the life is better?

Italy is one of the countries that is almost impossible to be brought to a common denominator and organized. However, the largest Italian association for the protection of the environment Legambiente together with research institutes «Ambiente Italia» made a rating of the Italian cities, the most suitable for life in terms of environmental performance.

It was taken to review the 104 provinces of the country, and they were evaluated in terms of clean air and water, waste handling, water and sources of energy, mobility, and security of public transport.

As a result, the closest to the standards have been recognized Verbania, Trento and Belluno.

The results once again confirmed the existence of a serious gap between the southern and northern regions: the highest rates in the environmental rating received provinces of northern and central Italy, the lowest - big cities of Sicily and Calabria, the most southern regions of the country.

According to the results, the most favorable for life are the small Italian towns with a population of no more than 80 thousand people.

The most "pure" of large cities was recognized Venice (8th place), then - Florence (43 place), Bologna (50),  Milan (51), Bari (66) Torino (84) and Naples (90). The capital of Italy, Rome is on 83 th position.

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