Ghostbusters will save the Italian town

Ghostbusters will save the Italian town

Alberto Pompitsi, mayor of a small Italian town Sant'Omero in Abruzzo decided to once and for all put an end to the threat posed by paranormal forces. To eradicate all evil, camped on his property, the mayor called for help of the European Community of paranormal activity (EPAS), reports with reference to the Italian media.

At September 7, 2013 EPAS began its mission to expel spirits. Ghostbusters unit is led by the  president of the community himself Massimiliano Maresca. The task assigned to the team is to destroy or expel any supernatural inhabitants of the town.

The decisive blow will be inflicted on the ancient building La Fonte Vecchia, which was once inhabited by werewolves, as well as in the direction of the cave church of Santa Maria a Vico, which was built on the site of the destroyed pagan temple.

It is unclear what is behind such an extravagant act of the mayor: whether the desire to draw attention to the problems of his town, or a cunning scheme of cutting money for policing.

Photo: Flickr