Villas in Tuscany: a comfortable life among the works of the Renaissance

Villas in Tuscany: a comfortable life among the works of the Renaissance

If you want to get a taste of life without regret, to put aside all the superficial, secular and prestigious, then go to Tuscany. No, not a vacation. Just to live. Breakfast among luxurious creations of the Renaissance, during the morning coffee to admire the unique cathedrals and personally enjoy the works of Michelangelo and da Vinci. To walk among the rolling hills covered with poppies, that all of a sudden turn into the views of the old, but inhabited castle. Pass in the vineyards, where each host is in a hurry to take you into the cellar to arrange a tasting of their best wines. Relax on the gorgeous beaches where the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea lazily roll on and tickle your heels...

But Tuscany is impossible to discern from the first glance, as it is a modest beauty, which loveliness is revealed only with a gaze. That's why I said at the beginning, that you should live here - only a gradual introduction opens the beauty of this amazing Italian province.

If we live, we live with comfort. Why embarrass yourself with cramped apartment, you'd better look for a house or a villa, as the choice of this kind of residential real estate in Tuscany is quite a wide. But let's start from the very beginning, from the capital, Florence.

Among the rolling hills and vineyards

In the primary market in Florence and around the city you won't find any villas, and it is perhaps true for the whole of Tuscany, with rare exception. So you will have to search the secondary market. It's even better - always a pleasure to live in a house with history, especially if it has overstepped the century boundary. There are also more "young" homes that are no less enjoyable, and most of them are built in native Tuscan style: pink stucco, tile floors, wooden shutters on the windows to protect from the midday heat. Prices, of course, are considerable. The average square meter costs from €2,550 to €10,500. Such desynchronization is simple: many of the homes are in need of restoration or repair; different land area, and the proximity to Florence are also important. So, for example, a house of 1,800 sq.m. worth €4.6 million is relatively inexpensive, but stands in the hills with vineyards. But the villa, situated almost in Florence, stands at €1 million cheaper, but its area is only 460 square meters, so one "square" costs €7,860.

If you consider yourself to be the lovers of the Middle Ages, you should choose to dwell in Arezzo. The province is located in the north-east of Tuscany, and is the regional capital - the city is rightly considered to be the oldest in Italy, where there are traces not only of the days of ancient Rome, but the Etruscan civilization. There is one indisputable advantage of villas in Tuscany: the prices here are much lower than in Florence. The average price per square meter ranges from €2,150 to €3,880, but there are some exceptions such an offer with a price of €6,800 per sq.m. For example, among the proposals of the secondary market on the portal you can find a villa of 600 sq.m. which costs €1.5 million.

Lovers of the famous Chianti certainly choose to dwell in Siena - one of the most popular tourist regions of Tuscany. But tourists will not be a hindrance, because you can live in a fairly secluded area. There is enough proposals for the sale of real estate in this province. The basic amount is located in Siena and its surrounding areas. Prices range from €2,250 to €6,500 per sq.m. There are also proposals in other cities of the province: in Gaiole-in-Chianti, Montepulciano, Radda-in-Chianti, Trekuande. The average price per square meter is €5,500.

Photo: the panoramic view of Siena

An interesting proposal can also be found in the province of Pisa: a villa, resembling a medieval castle, located at the top of the hill. The windows of the house, a pool and a terrace offer a great view of the surroundings. The price of such a pleasure is €3.2 million - the property is quite good for this level.

On the coast

For those who prefer a new, modern villas, Forte dei Marmi in the province of Lucca may be advisable. Here, not far from the coast, there are several proposals in the primary market. Of course, the cost of real estate is quite high: the square meter will cost an average of €12,500, regardless of the age of the building. No wonder, the city is a prestigious resort. But if you drive a little deeper into the province, property values will be much lower. So, for example, an excellent villa of 600 sq.m. can be purchased in Barga at the price of €1.55 million and enjoy the views of the surrounding mountains every morning from a private terrace.

The unique offer - the villa on the island of Elba in the province of Livorno - €3 million and you become the owner of a chic view of the island of Montecristo and a four-bedroom house. If, however, you are frightened by the prospect of life on the island, you can stay on the proposals in Sassetta, Venturina, Rozinano Marittima, Cecina. Depending on the location and the area the cost per square meter in these communities ranges from €2,600 to €13,000.

Unique in its elegance villa is offered in Marina di Carrara. The area of the house, not including the basement, is about 100 sq.m., plot size is about one hectare. The project costs €1.8 million.

Magnificent views of the sea can be enjoyed from the terrace of the villa, situated on the rocky ledges in Monte Argentario. Ultra-modern design, great neighborhood and a well thought-out infrastructure — everything just to ensure that the owners could fully enjoy the flavor of life. And I must admit, the price of €9 million is high, but in this certain case is fully justified.

Finally it only remains to say, that this article can give only a general idea of the Italian region and the real estate that is located here. In order to make the real choices and really appreciate the charm of this land, buy the ticket and go to Tuscany in person. Believe me, it's going to be an amazing experience!

Text: Nadezhda Degtyareva, especially for