Opponents of the sea: property on the Italian lakes

Opponents of the sea: property on the Italian lakes

The beauty of the lakes of northern Italy can rightfully contend with the sea coasts of the country. The Apennine peninsula hosts about a thousand lakes. Former Lesina lagoon, Valle de Comacchio and Varano are located on the Adriatic coast, and near Rome in the craters of extinct volcanoes pleasing to the eye of Lake Bolsena, Bracciano, Albano and Nemi.

The largest and most beautiful lakes are located in the north of the country. At the foot of the Alps there are excellent Garda, Maggiore, Como and other reservoirs that surround the lemon and olive groves. Center of northern Italy is  businesslike Milan, the Mecca of fashionistas and businessmen. Connoisseurs will appreciate the architectural beauties of another tourist center - Bologna, with its palaces and temples. The average price of a house in the northern regions are €3,327 per sq.m. But prices of the popular objects near the water can vary over a very wide range. Let's try to take a walk and appreciate the property on the banks of the most famous and attractive to tourists and investors lakes in Italy.

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Garda is the largest lake in the country and one of the most beautiful in Europe. No wonder it's devoted the lines to Byron, Goethe and Wilde. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, Garda will brcome the favorite one. Here you can enjoy windsurfing and scuba diving, horse riding and archery, sailing and paragliding. On the lake there is the famous park "Gardaland", the zoos, the water parks and thermals, as well as one of the largest European discos. On one of the shores of the bustling town of Desenzano del Garda. Two-bedroom duplex of 117 sq.m can be purchased for €250,000.

However, the lake will delight those who seek tranquility. Garda is famous for its diversity. Bustling resorts are changed by quiet and picturesque village groves Padenghe sul Garda and medieval architecture in Lonato del Garda. By the way, the wine and olive oil can be bought directly from farmers. A small villa overlooking the lake will cost €1.5 million. 8-room home area of 1,000 sq.m costs €770,000, and the apartments in the palace of the XVI century can be bought for €750,000.

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Lago Maggiore

This lake is on the border with Switzerland and a 30-minute drive from Milan. Here, surrounded by natural parks the popular resort of Ascona is located. There are four famous Barromeo islands on the lake, and on one of which there is a magnificent palace of the XVII century. The proximity of Milan dictates higher prices. 2-3 rooms apartments can be bought for €270,000, a home or townhouse with lake views area of about 130 sq.m. - for €500,000.

Prices for villas on Lake Maggiore varies from €1,5 million to €14 million - that is how much not-restored the XVIII century villa costs, located in the town of Stresa in the area 12 000 sq.m. However, an ancient villa with a plot to six times less than that has already been restored, can be bought for €2 million.

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Como is famous for its comfort and peace of fabulous medieval towns along the coast. Sometimes the lake is called "triangular star" because it consists of three branches, each of which is known for its culture and style. On one of the islands there is an ancient fort, built in 1169, as well as villas d'Este and Del Balbyanelo.

There are lots of villas to suit different tastes and budgets. There are works of architects, where every room offers views of Lake Como and the paths lead to the beach. Picturesque dream will cost €10 million. A two-storey villa near Como can be purchased for €470,000. An apartment with a terrace of 63 sq.m costs €350,000.

The maintenance of a property in Italy rarely passes the threshold of €1,000 per year, for the villa owner the costs sometimes reach €6,000 annually, depending on the size of the object and the work required.

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Lugano and Izeo

Bizarre shape of Lake Lugano, in a frame of small villages also finds a lot of fans who want to buy property here. Here you can buy a fancy apartment, located on the site of the historic plant, parts of which are preserved as an architectural heritage. Apartment costs €190,000 - €250,000.

The largest and highest island in Europe is situated on the Lake Izeo. The island-mountain of Monte Isola rises in the middle of the reservoir. Apartments in complexes along the winding highlands roads costs about €260 million.

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Lombardy region, where lots of the most beautiful lakes, including Izeo and Lugano, are situated, is one of the most expensive in Italy. However, the inclusion will benefit: the property prices are not falling even in crisis. Lovely views often dictate the level of prices, ensuring the popularity and stability. The beauty of the Italian Lakes is unchanged, and housing next to one of them can rightly be called a "pipe dream."

As well as throughout the country, for the purchase of real estate on the lakes in Italy one must obtain an Italian tax code, and the presence in the country at the time of the transaction is required.

Text: Valeria Myshkina, especially for ee24.com

Photo: 5kvadratov.ru, lakemaggiore.ru, wikipedia.org