Publication policy

  • Objects upload on EE24 is governed by the enlightenedUser Agreement.
  • Violation of the rules, as well as user complaints could lead to the blocking of both the objects and the accounts of the owners.
  • Please note that all proposals must comply with the rules, regardless of whether it applies to the additional services ("Rise of the sentence", "Promotional Offer", "Proposal №1") or not. Sponsored proposal can also be blocked when it detects violation


Who can upload objects on the EE24

1) Real estate agency may place unlimited number of ads for free.  You have the following upload methods:

-enlightened Manually in your account
- Automatically via xml protocol (enlightenedspecification)

Once you sign up, add information about the company and logo - your profile will be activated and you will be able to upload objects. Company information is available to all EE24 users – in the each object cards and on  the enlightened"Agencies" page.

2) Private seller - you are a property owner and want to sell it by yourself. You can manually download for free up to 3 proposals on ee24 and you have access to all the promo opportunities. When you register you provide your name and contact information and will receive by e-mail the notifications about new requests in your personal account.

General rules

1) Uploading of the same proposal several times is not permitted (for the sale of the same property);
2) The multiple accounts is not allowed;
3) It is permitted to upload only the objects that are for sale;
4) You may only publish the objects that you or your company has a right to offer for sale and advertising.
5) You may only publish the objects that contain one or more photos;
6) You may only publish the objects that have the correct price;
7) erotic, pornographic, obscene, extremist or otherwise not in conformity with the policy EE24, content is prohibited in the objects  description. Photos, company name;

8) All the objects pass automatic and / or manual moderation.

User data

1) Name of contact person mentioned in the objects card must be real;
2) Contact details of the user specified in the profile, must be real;
3) User Profile fields should not include any contact information, including web addresses, phone numbers, ICQ, Skype, etc.;
4) You may use the name, logo and contact information of any agencies that you are entitled to represent.
5) You can use the phone number, email address or other contact information only in the appropriate fields of the Profile.
6) Do not use links to other resources, except for specified website of the Agency in the appropriate fields of the Profile.

Property features

1) You can upload only objects in Europe;
2) Will be published only objects with correctly filled mandatory fields;
3) Property features should not contain any contact information, including web addresses, phone numbers, ICQ, Skype etc.;
4) Property features should not contain links to other web resources.
5) Location of the property must be specified correctly: country, city / town, location coordinates (if available).


Object description

1) The description should be in Russian and / or English;
2) Unreasonable use in ddescription of caps and special characters is unacceptable;
3) Should be described only the object that is mentioned in the property features;
4) Object ddescription must represent only an object, but did not advertise the company or other goods and services. It is acceptable to specify the conditions and options for purchase / inspection of property;
5) Use of keywords, listing several goods, placement of price-lists is not allowed;
6) Contact information in the object description (including addresses, links, phone numbers, ICQ, Skype) is not allowed;
7) Links to other web-resources are not allowed.

Object photos

1) Photos must comply with title and description;
2) Placing images of people, animals and other information unrelated to the interior or the location of the property, is forbidden;
3) It is prohibited the presence of any kinds of contact information on the photos of the object (including addresses, links, phone numbers, ICQ, Skype);
4) It is prohibited the presence on the photos links to other web-resources;
5) You can use watermarks to protect your images;
6) It is prohibited the use of photos with::
a) - motivating words such as "Urgent", "Warning", "Action", "Sale", etc .;
b) - the images processed in a special editor (for example, placed in a colored box, a filled background etc).


Object price

1) the description must include the full price of the property. If you specify a price per square meter, the catalog will show the total price of the facility;
2) If it is impossible to specify the exact price of the object is allowed to use the term "price on request";
3) The price must be real (the intentional reduction of prohibited / overstating the value of the object to attract attention).