What is EE24?

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Searching and buying property in Europe starts on EE24. Choose from the catalog a house by the sea, an apartment in the center of a European capital, a house in a village or even an island. The journey to your dream begins with us!

Actual information

On EE24 you will find important information about taxes, maintenance costs, the purchase process, and more. We publish the latest market news, experts share their opinions, and buyers talk about their experiences.

Direct access

You contact the real estate agency or private real estate seller directly using the phone number indicated in the advertisement card (by clicking on the "show phone" link) or send a request (using the "write to the seller" form).

For investors

Investments in commercial real estate in European countries are becoming increasingly popular. On EE24 you will find various investment opportunities: hotels, shops, business centers, plots of land.

EE242 is a real estate directory in Europe for foreign buyers. We do not sell real estate, but place offers from agencies and private buyers, providing buyers with direct access to the European real estate market. The ee24 catalog is divided by countries, and the countries into resorts and regions. Even if you don't know yet in which city or region you want to buy a house, you can view an object near the city you know or see all objects in a country or region by setting search boundaries by price or area.